<about me>

My name is Jordan Jack-Of-All-Trades. (Ok, you got me. That's not my real last name)

Interactive developer by day, Apple Store Genius by night. I've got an incredible passion to learn. If I don't know something, I will learn it. I'm a technology addict, a wine lover, Apple fanboy, and dad to two sugar gliders with an english bulldog (hopefully) on the way! I'm dedicated to efficiency, which is why I always enjoy finding the right solution for every scenario. Did I also mention my middle name, Dealing-With-Ambiguity?

I spend most of my time doing email marketing using Marketo/Constant Contact, or web development for agency clients including multiple Fortune 500 companies. I've also done some HTML5 web banner ads using Adobe Edge software.

Outside of agency work, I've spent time learning the fast-growing MEAN stack and always try to stay on top of latest technologies including SCSS compiling and Gulp automation.

<web development>

Xerox Digital Hot Spot

Xerox Digital Hot Spot is a resource site for Xerox Premier Partners I developed the front-end for.

  • Client: Xerox
  • Technologies: Foundation 5, SASS, Slick Slider

D3 Engineering - In Progress

D3 Engineering is in the process of revitalizing their current website with a fresh new look. The site is currently in progress, but should be launched in May of 2016.

  • Client: D3 Engineering
  • Technologies: Foundation 5, SASS


An internal resource for Apple Store Geniuses that has been converted from a non-responsive design to a fully responsive page.

  • Client: Apple
  • Technologies: Foundation 6 (With ZURB Template), SASS, AngularJS

<email marketing>

Heritage Christian Services

New-Hire Recruitment Email

  • Framework: Foundation for Email


Demand Generation Campaign

  • Framework: Ink



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