Xerox: Xerox® Iridesse™ Production Press

Iridesse Production Press Landing Page (Live)


When Xerox launched the Iridesse Production Press, it was a big deal that needed special treatment. Upon landing on, the visitor was welcomed with a full homepage takeover (component will fade to gray where the homepage would have been displayed:

Homepage Takeover

After the homepage takeover fades, the top banner would have displayed some additional information with a link to the landing page:

Homepage Banner

After clicking the Learn More button, you'd be directed to the product landing page. To continue with the same look and feel, a similar banner was displayed at the top of the page:

Landing Page Banner

Moving down the landing page, we wanted to feature some similar techniques that the Iridesse Production Press had. Showing some of the App Examples, you see the layering as you scroll down the page:

App Examples


  • Custom HTML
  • Custom SCSS
  • Custom Javascript